About Teri

Teri’s priority is focusing on the needs of your business by taking the time to understand your vision and mission for your business. Research is a huge part of learning what your business needs are. It includes researching what your business has done in the past that has and has not worked and how it has been tracked. She also looks at what your competitors are doing in the marketplace and tries to find out what exactly makes your business different. This helps bring a fresh perspective that can help Teri produce results for you and your business.

Teri opened the doors of Fresh Design in 1990 after previous experience with ad agencies and non-profits. She learned to maximize limited budgets while attaining viable solutions that produce great results.

Teri grew up in a small town in north eastern Indiana and graduated from Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis. Beyond work, she enjoys being a wife to Kyle and mother to Dmitry all while keeping her two collie rescues CFO (Chief Fluff Officer), Layla and CBO (Chief Barking Officer), Maya flush with bisquits.

Teri Capron

President, Designer


Chief Fluff Officer


Chief Barking Officer

“Teri has been amazing to work with. She takes the time to understand my objectives, has an incredibly fast turn around time and a great value. She is very responsive to feedback and goes above and beyond to help ensure that that I am getting what I desire. Teri is a pleasure to work with and has a great piece of software for reviewing proofs and providing feedback and helps streamline the process. I would highly recommend anyone looking for creative design work with Teri.

Tim Campsall,

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