Assumptions Can Be the Death of Your Business

Assumptions Can Be the Death of Your Business

“Assumptions are the termites of relationships.” —Henry Winkler

When you assume that you’re doing an outstanding job of getting the word out about your business, you erode your business-marketing message, particularly if that message is poorly written and designed where your audience doesn’t get it. That being the case, over time, your message stops working for you.

We all know that, as an owner of your business, you live and breathe the product or service you provide. You’re passionate about it. So much so that it becomes a part of you, much like an arm or a leg. You know it inside and out. Naturally, you’re passionate about your business. What many business owners lose sight of is assuming that everyone who uses or buys your product or service knows it as well as you do.

For example, you can have the best technology service company in the tri-state area, but is you market to your audience using techno-geek language, the money you invest in your brochure or leave-behind piece is wasted. That promotional piece will more than likely get tossed. Why? Because it’s not written with the user (your audience) in mind. If you provide your customers with a brochure or other marketing piece, make sure it’s something they can read and clearly understand.

As a business owner, put yourself in your customer/client’s shoes. Market your business from their perspective so that they get your message. They’re not you. They don’t live and breathe your business. Most audiences are inundated with information. They have seconds to comprehend your message. It has to be quick and easy to understand without their having to put extra effort into figuring it out. Bullet points, info graphics, and well-written copy go a long way toward helping them get/comprehend your product or service.

To make this happen, hire a skilled copywriter and designer to craft your message and make your next piece audience accessible. These professionals know how to make your marketing materials “user friendly” in a world where they’re constantly bombarded with information.

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