Do you know what they are saying

Do you know what they are saying?

How in touch are you with your customers? Do you know what they are saying about you and your company? Are you truly listening to them? Are your employees listening?

To inform your customer about what you do, first find out what they think you do and how well you do it. This is important. This is often overlooked and should be the basis of your message to your customers. How you relate to and inspire your existing customers should be tailored to their perceptions of your business; otherwise, your message becomes part of the marketing chatter that’s often ignored. Can you picture their eyes glazing over?

You already have a captive audience with existing customers. Now is the time to listen to what they’re saying about you so you can continue providing them what they need and want. This doesn’t need to be complicated. Simply use survey tools or just ask them what they like about your business and discover ways they think you can improve.

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