The Case of the Mistaken Identity​

Everyone loves mystery and intrigue as long as it isn’t representing your business. Yet, often businesses hire an inexpensive, non-professional to design their logo or identity.

The business may save money at the beginning but is that identity really representing the business or is it simply missing the mark? Does it represent clearly the overarching vision and mission that the business is striving for? Does the identity look unprofessional, complicated or messy? If the business has said “yes” to any of these questions, that identity could be making the business look like a “fly by night” untrustworthy company even though you may have the best company in the industry.

Don’t let your company be mistaken for something less than it is. Hire a professional designer to design your logo/identity and make sure they provide the various files you may need including that ever elusive vector graphic.*

Not sure what a vector graphic is? See my previous blog on how to spot one.

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