The Creamy Filling Is Important in Branding

The Creamy Filling Is Important in Branding

Ok, I’ve never been a huge fan or Oreo® cookies unless they were Double Stuf. Let’s face it. The best part is the creamy center.

Just like these cookies, the creamy center is the most important part of your business. You have goals and expectations for it, but do your employees know and share that vision? If not, you may need to provide them with information/knowledge that gets them on board with the goals and vision you have for your business.

To start with, be sure that the internal branding of your company communicates the same message that you tell customers, because it helps your employees know clearly what your business is about and what makes it unique compared to other businesses.

Once you’re employees are crystal clear about your company’s internal branding, then it’s time to focus on your external brand, which should naturally complement your internal message.

If your employees believe in your company’s vision and share it, then it’s much easier for them to pass that vision/brand onto customers. For example, if you’re branding your company as an innovative designer of widgets but your employees don’t see what’s innovative about your widgets, then it will be difficult for your employees to sell them to customers. Be sure that you provide your employees with compelling data that enables them to know everything about your widgets and how to use them. Employee enthusiasm is infectious.

So remember, it’s the creamy center of the culture of your business that’s the best part and one of the essential ways for you to effectively brand your business.

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