Where Does It Hurt

Where Does It Hurt?

These four words are a part of every mom’s vocabulary. Not all pain is visible, so, as a mother, you have to ask, “Where does it hurt?”

Business is very much the same. The actual “pain” your business is experiencing isn’t always visible. You could have a very successful business, but we all know that some pain may be lurking somewhere. It could be that you’re not growing your new client base as you had hoped, or your sales people aren’t performing as you had hoped, or the new website that you just launched isn’t providing the expected return on investment.

Whatever your pain, you first have to identify its possible causes, and then come up with a solution or solutions that can help ease or eliminate that pain. So, where do you start? By asking the right questions.

Children may say that their head hurts, but moms typically follow-up with more questions, like, “Did you bump your head?” Or, “Did you drink any water today?” Or, “Do you hurt anywhere else?” It’s the same in business. It’s crucial to not only find out where it hurts but also to find the root cause of the pain.

As a business owner, I love being able to help companies dig deeper and find possible solutions or come up with creative ideas on how to address that pain. I may not be able to provide every solution, but with the help of strategic partners, I always have someone whom I can refer you to who can help alleviate your pain.

So, where is your business hurting? Let’s talk. Together, we can figure out how Fresh Design and/or my strategic partners can help ease that pain. It all starts with asking the right questions.

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