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We visually translate your marketing message into something that resonates with your target audience.

The Fresh Design process...


This is the chance for Fresh Design to get to know more about your company so we can determine the best way to help


This is not only looking at your company’s competition but also learning more about your industry


This is where the magic happens. After a signed agreement with your company, the concepts can begin.


This is where you and your company peers review and request changes and make suggestions to better support your marketing message.


This is where the proof is in the pudding —using the final materials (printed or digital) and keeping track of the response.

“ Regardless of the project’s size, Teri’s focus is on effective communication and design that enhances the message rather than overpowers the content. She always delivers solutions on time and on budget. Teri’s approach is holistic rather than just ‘making of pretty graphics.’ The messaging is always at the forefront.”
Randy Kron

Ready to start the process? Let’s get started!

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